Atomic Actors - A Message From Me | Urban Tapes

The young band from Varna, Bulgaria - Atomic Actors joined us for this amazing session in the park. This is a prerelease of their future single A Message From Me. We are so delighted that the crew of Urban Tapes produced their first video. Stay tuned!

About the project:
Urban Tapes Acoustic Sessions is a project for those who find beauty around them. We want to show you beauty in music put in various urban places so that talent would be encouraged to pop up around every corner in every city.

Atomic Actors - A Message From Me
Cameraman - Viktor Dobrev
Editing - Viktor Dobrev
Sound Recording - Stanislav Zhivkov
Sound Engineer - Viktor Dobrev
Production - Urban Tapes Crew
Camera Equipment - Georgi Goosh Enchev

Atomic Actors:

Urban Tapes Acoustic Sessions:
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