Erykah Badu – Live From VH1 Soul Stage (2008)


I've had found somewhere the data of the whole gig and highly thought of put it online as performances of this incredible lady are getting very scarce. Sadly it's not the best quality (I wish) but hey, it's something *WARNING* very few small glitches may occur


(I also noticed that Annie Don't Wear No Panties was missing in the whole set... I'd invite you then to check the other videos. Sorry about that)

Edit: fear not now, it's been handled. Go check this link:

0:07 The Healer
3:42 On & On
5:38 ...& On
9:58 Me
15:32 Other Side of the Game
25:18 Honey
30:57 Soldier
35:33 Didn't Cha Know

Live Music
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