Ivan Shopov & Avigeya - Chichovite Konye @ I'M WITH THE BAND


In this very special edition of I'M WITH THE BAND, Iveta Dimitrova sneaks in the rehearsal of Ivan Shopov & Avigeya, who present their collaborative album "Kanatitsa" with the lead track of the album - "Chichovite Konye", recorded exclusively for 12 Magazine.

With “Kanatitsa” Ivan Shopov & Avigeya create a bridge to the realm of Bulgarian folklore which is often forgotten and taken for granted, while the rest of the world finds it fascinating. Embracing our folklore as their own creative pulse, they shape the album not as a showcase about how traditional music can co-exist with contemporary electronics, but as a homogeneous and organic body of work, where the boundaries of music and time don't exist.

"Kanatitsa" is produced by Ivan Shopov, vocals are performed by Avigeya, with arrangement by Ivan Shopov & Avigeya. "Kanatitsa" is released by Etheraudio Records

Avigeya are Aleksandra Vasileva, Milena Velikova, Ralitsa Kirilova, Sibina Radenkova

Find out more about "Kanatitsa" and Ivan Shopov at www.ivanshopov.com

Video by Nikolay Novakov & Iveta Leneva
Realisation by Iveta Dimitrova
Editing by Nikolay Novakov
Assistant Victoria Petrova

12 Magazine is at www.12mag.net

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