Jamie McDonald - We're here, then we're not (Rakovska54)

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Джейми Макдоналд е от Карлоу, Ирландия. През последните две десетилетия е правил концерти по цялото земно кълбо сам и със групата му The Number Nein. Създал е един постоянно растящ сетлист от авторска музика с влияния от блус, рок, фолк, традиционна Ирландска музика и дори джаз. Песента We're here, then we're not е от соловият албум Forgotten Animals, който излезе през Август. Очакваме през декември албумът Dark of Heartness, който Джейми записва с The Number Nein.

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ManFromCarlow/
Bandcamp: https://jamiemcdonaldandthenumbernein.bandcamp.com/

Текст и музика - Джейми Макдоналд
Камера, монтаж и звук - Янко Аргиров

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Hailing from Carlow, Ireland Jamie has committed to an old school career in music. Over two decades he has paid his dues across the globe, learning his craft and trade through and endless string of concerts and gigs. Both solo and with his band, The Number Nein, he has created an ever expanding repertoire of original songs and mesmerizing performances mixing blues, folk, rock, traditional and even some jazz. The song We're here, then we're not comes from Forgotten Animals which was is solo album released in August.We are expecting the new band album in December entitled Dark Of Heartness.

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ManFromCarlow/
Bandcamp: https://jamiemcdonaldandthenumbernein.bandcamp.com/

Music and lyrics - Jamie McDonald
Camera, sound and editing - Yanko Argirov
Live Music
Rakovska 54, Sofia