Pitch2pitch S3E1 11.09.22 | Startup competition in Sofia, Bulgaria


#Pitch2Pitch is a monthly series where entrepreneurs and innovators will have the chance to share their projects.


The competition:

5 Startups will have the opportunity to grab us within 1 minute with their StartUp (any stage). Then they will have 5 more minutes to answer questions.



The participants in the first episode of season 3 were:


1. Stefka Stojanow MalkiSakrovishta 

2. Ilian Kodzhahristov PUSH Marketplace 

3. Iliyana Elias restART

4. Iva Obreshkova Coffeeup 

5. Svetoslav Marinov: DevNotepad

6. Alex Popov / SmarTest

You can apply with your idea or project here:

Monthly winners will receive:
- One-week Bootcamp Training at Networking Premium
- Between 3000BGN and 10 000BGN for using the coworking space from the chain Networking Premium + One-year club membership*

The annual winner will receive:
- Tickets and one-week accommodation in Israel
- One-week Bootcamp Training in Israel with Israeli startup investors. One of them holding the title \"most EXITs in Israel\"
- Opportunity to invest in the idea up to $120,000


The event is proudly organised by Networking Premium Coworking Space and coproduced by Omai.TV/Sofia

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