Mila Robert - Наше си е, Саше! | Urban Tapes

Mila Robert is an amazing talent who emerged in X Factor and became known all over the country. This charming young lady continued doing the stuff she loves so she signed with Homeovox music. We love to share with you the prerelease of her new song Наше си е, Саше!

About the project:
Urban Tapes Acoustic Sessions is a project for those who find beauty around them. We want to show you beauty in music put in various urban places so that talent would be encouraged to pop up around every corner in every city.

Mila Robert - Наше си е, Саше!
Cameraman - Evgeni Nanev
Editing - Urban Tapes Crew
Sound Recording - Urban Tapes Crew
Production - Urban Tapes Crew

Mila Robert:

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