NacBuktu - Защо? (Да попитам) / Why?

Hey friends around the world! :) This is the first video of our debut song "Da popitam" or translated in English "Let me ask you this". It's an acoustic live version of the song.
We call our-selfs "Nacbuktu" (which means "my destiny") and we all are kind of an open minded, so please feel free to share with us every question, thought, feeling,energy or smile, of course, in to the box for expressions below. :)
Hope you all n-joy all of it! Expect and follow up for future pieces that will be coming out from our "soul".
Big smiles and be well! :)

P.S. We'd like to give many thanks to all our friends and people who helped us shooting this video and gave the world a chance to hear our song. :)
Live Music
NacBuktu, Sofia