Rising Appalachia. Scale Down Acoustic. Sail Boat Tour. [Official Music Video]

The following imagery and song were captured when a group of musicians and story tellers sailed the Coast Salish Sea on a mission to honor and celebrate traveling by sail, the Slow Music Movement, and resilient island based communities who\'s hands work the soil every day.

Scale Down was written to inspire the returning to a simper, wilder life.

In collaboration with:
Over Grow the System
and Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Rising Appalachia is:
Leah Song-vocals
Chloe Smith-vocals
David Brown-baritone guitar
Biko Casini-cajon

video by Syd Woodward, Hemmie Lindholm
Emma Joye Frank, and Noah Hart

recording by Daryl Chonka

***** with special thanks to our captains *****
Live Music
Rising appalacia